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Specialist Fabric Wall Cleaning

Baton backed fabric walling is once again growing in popularity (if it ever really went away).

We are one of the very few cleaning companies which specialise in the on site protection, cleaning and maintenance of fabric walling. We use professional specifically designed dry cleaning machinery for all of our on site work.

We work closely with Interior Designers and Fabric Walling installers to provide clients with a comprehensive maintenance programme. Starting with fabric protection at installation plus advice on interim maintenance and regular 18 months – 3 years inspection to ascertain as to whether professional attention is needed.

Some companies claim to dry clean fabric walling and curtaining in situ but only vacuum and spray wipe with cloth fibres and charge for full dry cleaning.

For an initial consultation and to establish a programme to suit your individual needs, beginning with fabric protection please call 020 7823 3532 or click here for more ways to contact us

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