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Fabric Protection

Fabric protection involves the treatment of fabrics and carpets to provide an invisible barrier against dirt and staining and most importantly facilitates future cleaning.

The protector penetrates the fabric or fibre and on drying forms an invisible barrier within the fibres. The barrier helps to prevent anything spilled onto the treated item from penetrating deep into the fabric and causing a permanent stain.

There is no fabric protector on the market which will prevent penetration of hot, viscous or acidic spillages. General advertisements are, shall we say 'economical with the truth'. We promote fabric protection on the basis that it facilitates cleaning and hence the chances of removing dirt or spillages on a treated item are vastly improved.

Whether solvent based (used for upholstery, silks, fabric walling and curtains) or water based (used for carpeting and certain rugs) the treatment has to be applied in its correct concentration by an experienced operative. For fabric protection to be effective it also has to be applied under pressure to ensure that it fully penetrates the fibres, rather than simply forming a coating on the surface which can be removed with abrasion. This is why we strongly advise clients not to use fabric protector aerosols when treating items of furniture. Aerosols are suitable for the odd scatter cushion or gentleman’s tie but certainly nothing larger as they do not penetrate the fabric sufficiently.

With our comprehensive knowledge of fabrics and carpets we are able to advise you as to which fabric protection system (silicone based, Teflon™ or fluorocarbon) would be best suited for your individual needs.

Fabric protector can be applied to any new and recently cleaned items, including sofas, armchairs, loose covers, scatter cushions, batten backed fabric walling, curtains, carpets and area rugs.

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